The Ballad Of Charlie McCoy

Here’s the Ballad Of Charlie McCoy. This is a home recording.

Last September I was at the impressive ancient Celtic site of Glendalough, co. Wicklow. Looking for old undocumented Irish songs, a local man, John Holden, told me about the late Charlie McCoy, who was the local forester and a poet. John told me that Charlie had written many songs to honour his dear friends and when I found out that nobody ever wrote a song about Charlie, I offered John to give it a try and write one to his honour.

It wasn’t too difficult to get inspiration from this impressive place with its early Medieval remains of Saint Kevin’s monastery and after a pleasant chat with Charlie’s son Noel and his wife Caroline, I went back home with copies of his poems and loads of details about his long life, spanning nearly the entire 20th century, including two World Wars. No surprise I couldn’t write a short song!

Here it is and I hope you like it.

The Ballad Of Nelson Mandela

Here’s the ballad I wrote one year ago about Nelson Mandela, shortly after his passing. I was delighted when Claudio Benito offered me to make a version of this song by combining his Flamenco skills and my folk style into a brand new  piece of music. I’m really happy with the result, recorded at Brady van der Ruit’s Studio and mastered by Derek Treacy from Wicklow, Ireland, who I met later in real life at Glendalough.

The excitement grew even more when we made our first video together this summer. Steven Kramer did a great job on that, as you can see below.

Pootjes Wijd

Here’s a song in Dutch about a remarkable accident with a crane that happened recently in IJsselstijn. The crane toppled onto a neighbouring house while lifting a man over the roof to another house. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend by visiting her bedroom at the back of the house and ask her to marry him.

It’s just a rough home recording. If you like it, please let’s make it better! E.g. a nice Irish tin whistle below the singing line would be great. If you like to create a video for this song, please contact me!

A pleasant afternoon in December


To get some fresh air and some movement one has to go outside now and then. I love to take my camera with me and I like to quickly make videos. My gear is not very professional, but I love to see how far I can get with this. Hope you like it.

Here’s the video with “my” Windmill at the end of a pleasant afternoon, here in the Green Heart of Holland, featuring some coots, sheep, geese, swans and lapwings.

The storm is over, so to let the clouds move, I applied a timelapse (x32) on the two major sunset shots. Great to have all this functionality at your fingertips in just a free piece of standard software (Windows MovieMaker).

Moriarity’s Christmas

Coming up to the Christmas Session, Sunday the 21st at the Sailors Club House in Katwijk aan Zee, I’m practicing my new song, which is a next guitar challenge to me. Here’s where I am now, at the intro. I hope you like it. It’s an utterly sad song based on John Kerr’s 11 verse poem “A Little Pub In London”.

Stop The Mass Poultry Farms!

Today there was bad news again: another big poultry farm near my place had to kill all it’s feathered live stock.

Earlier this week I wrote a song about this subject. Yesterday I was triggered by a news item that the farmers can get compensation for the bird flu damage from a fund with a bizarre name: they called it the “Animal Health Fund”. I did some more research on modern chicken breeding and wrote an article in Dutch.

The poultry Industry has gone completely out of hand. Just a few fully automated large scale companies are busy ruining Europe’s smaller farms, exporting 450 million living chicken all over Europe. In Holland the number of poultry farms has reduced to nearly half the number of farms in 2000. The number of chickens has gone up with 20%. Approx. 100 biological farms have a stable 2% of the market during the last three years.

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Click here for the article in Dutch: Diergezondheidsfonds

And here’s the protest song I wrote in the Irish traditional singing style:

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