Gaza We Won’t Forget You

Here’s my second home recorded song about Gaza. This time it’s a lament to commemorate the thousands of innocent people dead, wounded or homeless because of the insane bombings on Gaza during the summer of 2014. I wrote it during Christmas, when we were looking back at what happened this year. Next day, our national news also published a new retrospective item about Gaza. The reporter was in Gaza and in Israel and reported of an astonishing ignorance on both sides about the situation at the other side. This ignorance is the result of ongoing single sided views in the media and propaganda at each side and provides a license to the “blind men at the chessboard” to do whatever suits them best to stay in power. The people in Israel don’t see what we see. The people of Gaza only see death and destruction coming from Israel. It’s quite clear that they need help from outside to work on a strategy that leads to a lasting peace. If you have friends in Israel, please tell them what you’ve witnessed this summer in Gaza. There are no excuses for war crimes.



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