Gaza We Won’t Forget You!

In this time of Christmas celebrations and retrospection, I couldn’t help checking out how our mainstream media looks back at the insane bombings on Gaza. So far, I haven’t seen any mention of the war crimes at all, but I suppose they’re still working on it. Of course the MH17 tragedy of 17 July 2014 deserves a lot of attention.

Here’s my share I wrote on Christmas day. I’m still working on the melody.

When the war is over
We commemorate
Remember fallen heroes
Don’t look back in hate

We paint our pretty picture
To cover up the pain
The war that brought us freedom
The killing not in vain

We love to teach our children
The good guys and the bad
Of course we are the good guys
Our doubts best left unsaid

But sooner or later
Historians unfold
The true motivation
And how a hell was sold

Blind men at a chess board
Bringing hell to earth
Innocent people dying
For them have little worth

Gaza we won’t forget you
Although our leaders paint
A picture of excuses
While their principles are faint

Gaza we won’t forget you
Although our leaders fail
To make a clear distinction
To hear your children wail

Another war seems over
But don’t believe the liar
This peace with more suppression
Will stay a smoldering fire.



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