A Dam Lovely Time

A relaxed tribute song to Amsterdam.

Mary Fitzpatrick wrote this poem about the lovely time she had in Amsterdam with her blind husband and allowed me to use it for a song. She included some humorous critics.  In the last two verses she addresses the crazy cyclists that pop up from all directions scaring the hell out of everyone on their way. Quite an experience for anyone, certainly a blind man!

I put Mary’s poem to music and added the chorus. I chose for an easy melody so that the lyrics can be well pronounced.

It’s a quick home recording again, not meant to be perfect. I hope you like it.



A belle dame sans merci
Gazes out to the sea
Her beauty for all to behold
Gilded spires soaring high
‘Bove her shimmering IJ
She’s apparelled in Silver and Gold

On Her necklace of water
Four… strands – man has taught her
To import and transport earthly riches
It’s bejewelled at night
With reflecting lamp light
And Fine linking filigree bridges.

Chorus 1:
Well I left you behind
And although I am blind
Your beauty is clear in my mind
I don’t ask you to say
“Good morning” but hey
You gave me a dam(n) lovely time!

Open heart she has shown
Through the world, ’tis well known
To protect threatened souls o’er the years
Descartes and his thoughts
Protestants, Huguenots
Nazi prey, Jewish friends and their peers

GLT-gender mixers
Or LSD-craving fixers
Flow’r pow’r’d jokers, pot smokers and the like
Those who needed a home
Were not left alone
To die or to drown ‘neath a dyke.

Chorus 1

And those without eyes
Can still access this prize
Savour splendour and joy with their hearts
Walk each squat hump-backed bridge
Touch its wrought iron railing ridge
Sense the spray from each passing barque

Scale the dizzying heights
Of Westerkerk flights
Soar heavenward with carillon bells
Clamber Rembrandt’s town house
Like a curious mouse
Cruise the Amstel’s wide course, ride its swell

Chorus 1

But past Nazi repression
Must have left some impression
For nowhere a blind person you’ll meet
Can extermination
Explain our consternation
No guide dog nor white cane on the street

Or have Cyclists sublime
Perpetrated this crime
Depleted the blind with his cane
Ignored sound beacon, green light
Have no lamp lit at night?
These assassins must now take the blame

Chorus 2:
No need to be kind
Because I am blind
The road isn’t yours and isn’t mine
I don’t ask you to say
“Good morning” but hey
Allow me to have a good time!

Chorus 1


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