Carnival Mirrors

Today it’s 13 days after the tragic shooting at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, a cold-blooded terrorist attack on a magazine that refused to bend for threats by Islamic extremists. Here’s my new sad song in commemoration of the tragedy. Hope you like it.


Whenever religion is taking the lead
And people have little to lose
When a knock on the roof* makes us fondly believe
Our faith is the only one truth

When pencils are sharpened to open our eyes
To put our feet back on the ground
When a look in the mirror reveals all the lies
Not much of our pride will be found

Carnival mirrors are great for a laugh
Makeup mirrors magnify
But mirrors are fragile, so keep your hand off
Give’m a smile and pass by!

When you break a mirror you call down a curse
Bad luck will haunt you seven years
Yeah the world is in desperate need of those mirrors
Reflections are great to fight fears


Now a mirror lies broken on the island of France
And cop choppers take to the sky
Our thoughts are with those brave drafters for freedom
Let’s sing with a tear and a cry



* Note: a knock on the roof refers to the ‘civilized’ way Israel committed war crimes in Gaza during the summer of 2014: they first fired a little mortar on a house and one minute later they launched a devastating bomb to destroy the house including all civilians, often women and children that couldn’t get out in time. Thousands of innocent people have died that way.


A big thank you to my reviewer Mary Fitzpatrick for her highly valued feedback!


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