Such Rain In The Summer

This morning I had to go up early for to go out cycling with my friends, but when I looked out the window and I saw the rain, I got an instant depression and went back to bed. Because of my new telephone, I couldn’t find my friend’s telephone number so I couldn’t give notice of my absence, so they were waiting for me. Then my friend called me and my wife answered and she told him what had happened, so all day I felt very guilty. Just now I wrote this lullaby for anyone who needs an explanation for not showing up early on a rainy day.

A Rainy Day’s Lullaby in Dutch:

Misschien valt het tegen
Ik ben niet verlegen
Maar ik heb gezwegen
Want ik had geen zin
Een dipje gekregen
Vanwege de regen
Ik geef je de zegen
Ik duik er weer in!

And here’s the English version for now:


Such rain in the summer
It gives me a bummer
So here is a hum for
A sweet lullaby
Just don’t call my number
I’ll be in a slumber
Go slice a cucumber
Today pass me by!


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