Holland Is My Little Green Land

Critical republican patriot song I made in September 2014 for the celebration of 200 years Kingdom Of The Netherlands.



O Holland is my little green land
A lovely place to be
With a big black Pete and a little dumb King
And people that tend to see
Themselves living on an island
Amidst waves of misery
But over the dikes the wet wind strikes
Our glorious history!

O Holland is my little green land
A place where I love to stay
Between Germany and England which
The English call UK
We have some lovely beaches
And we dance on wooden shoes
And in Amsterdam we ride the tram
And Ajax we call jews!

O Holland is my little green land
A lovely place to go
Where the cams record every little move
While nobody wants to know
How the royals and the politicians
Conspire to rule our land
Where democracy and secrecy
Are going hand in hand!

O Holland is my little green land
Where Rembrandt used to paint
Back in the days of the Dutch Republic
When the south was part of Spain
They used to sail the oceans
The Orange Blanche Blue unfurled
By trading slaves and killing whales
They terrorised the world!

O Holland is my little green land
A republic once you know
But well inspired by the French tyrant
200 years ago
Aristocrats turned back our land
Into a old style monarchy
And an inbred Prussian family crushed
Our first democracy!

O Holland is a little green land
Where Royals run away
Like William V and his Prussian wife,
Wilhelmina did not stay
Her son-in-law Prince Bernard
Infamous for his deals
Betrayed his wife, the deal of his life!
How well this jetset feels?

O Holland is a little green land
A place I will only leave
When I know for sure that I can come back
No longer I’m naive
Well fed between the spinning windmills
The daffodils and hyacinths
There was always work and we went to church
With rolls of peppermints

O Holland is a little green land
I’ll never bid farewell
No place on earth where you find canals
And lakes that freeze so well
For speedskaters it’s little heaven
When the winter sun is low
To cross black ice is like paradise
While the fields are white with snow

O Holland is a little green land
Where many people fail
To realise how Orange tries
To glorify a fairy tale
For football, trade and showbiz
Quite fruitful that may be
But a State Institute that bends the truth
Is wrong and worries me!

10 O Holland is a little green land
Really, you should come and see!
I do my best not to foul my nest
But some things bother me
Like selling out moral values
As business interests prevail
If we never chide we lend our pride
To the devil to wipe his tail!



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