Christian’s Bouncing Ball

Slow, fast or simply both? What version would you prefer? Let me know if you’re on Facebook.





What you hear are two completely different computer outputs. A slow one with a flute and an awesome church organ (never played that, but I’d love to) and a fast one on piano. I wonder which one is most popular.

I made this tune today and used MuseScore to generate the mp3 files. The name is to the support of the young football player Christian Gandu and all the other child refugees that get stuck in Holland’s destructive bureaucracy, maintained by IND’s lawyers and civil servants. Christian was born in Congo and came to Holland at the age of 9 without parents. He grew up in a Dutch foster family, but lost his rights because he left to Poland for to play for a Polish team. When he returned, the immigration office started a new procedure and now (Dec. 2015) he will be expelled to Congo.

Photo: “FIFA World Cup 2014” by Danilo Borges


I chose the slow version of the tune to support my latest sunset time lapse video. To match the length of the tune I played a little with the time lapse factors.



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