December Clouds

After a couple of nice time lapse videos of the November sunsets, December 2015 started surprisingly well. It was a dreadful rainy day all day until the hour of sunset. Shortly after 4 p.m. I went out with my camera, but I went back into my office, because I thought there wouldn’t be much to see. Did that a second time five minutes later and came back in. From my desk, when I look out the window through the trees, I can see just a very little bit of the northwest sky and I doubted. Thank God I went out a third time, because it was pretty spectacular. The low clouds swiftly disappeared southeastwards with the strong wind, while the sun, from just below the horizon, treated us with an awesome range of colors, partly on the bottom of the highest clouds. Such a natural beauty!

The tune is new as well and I called it Looking For A Room.



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