Nick Cave’s Mercy Seat in a piano loop

In August 2013 after hearing Nick Cave’s awesome song “The Mercy Seat” I spontaneously jumped behind the piano and tried to reproduce the chorus tune, which lead to this video. Because I have no ambition for piano work, but still like to save and share my musical ideas, I put a quick recording on Youtube and surprisingly it had hundreds of views.

Someone even asked for the sheet music, but that was a hell of a job for me at that time. Since I use MuseScore, that’s a much quicker job now, so here it is (after 758 views).

Here’s the easiest version.



Below you’ll find the more advanced score, with more timing detail in the left hand. Have fun and let me know!







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  1. lynton reed · February 3

    hi, thanks for this, i was searching for sheet music for this and all the online sites just have very simple arrangements for this. i have been practicing and have both hand working separately .. now to put them together ..

    • Profile photo of Simon Oak
      Simon Oak · February 3

      You’re welcome, Lynton, good luck and have fun!