Strong Again

This song was resting unfinished for a while. It just didn’t feel good enough, besides the fact that I really hate the subject: a disrespectful billionaire running for president playing the card of fear and intolerance.

But as the subject was coming back in the news again and again, I forced myself to finish it.

I listened to Donald Trump’s speech the day before Super Tuesday in Georgia. It’s scary to see how this joker pretends to love everyone (who’s with him and the Pope, who is against him, but he found a fuzzy way to love him). If he wins, he’s going to build walls both literally (on the Mexican border) and virtually, make new enemies (China, Japan, Mexico), throw more and bigger bombs on Isis (killing many more innocent Arabs), bring guns to theaters and classrooms, bring down Obamacare, stimulate local education (so the rich can get better education), going to change the political system (so that there will be no politicians left). He’s going to be greedy (“I’ve been greedy all my life”) for America and not for himself.

How stupid can one be to believe this clown? USA wake up. ‪#‎NeverTrump‬

Sorry, dumb people, I love you, but I just hate the fact that you waste your precious vote to a man with nothing more than big words. He’s playing a game with you. And the result may well be that there’s an irresponsible idiot leading the mightiest country of the world. The idea scares the hell out of me.

My song could have 10 verses more.



I’m terrified of the people I don’t know
I don’t know where they come from and I don’t know where they go
I don’t know what they want or what they’re looking for
But I can see they don’t look like me

I’m terrified of the things I don’t know
I don’t know where they come from and I don’t know where they go
I don’t know what they’ll do to me or how they’ll change my life
But I see there’s change everywhere
There’s change everywhere (x2)

Thank God there is a leader who understands my fear
Finally a leader who dares to make it clear
That there’s a great solution to the fear of the unknown
I see the man who’ll make us strong again
Who’ll make us strong again (x2)

I see the leader (x3)
I bump and I jump
Like a dumb for quack quack, quack quack, quack!

I need a leader that wants to go with me
Because of who I am and my Christianity
He should not go with everyone, he can’t be for us all
I’ll be his friend until the very end
Until the very end (x2)

Political correctness is not a thing for me
I don’t care much about its role in my society
I love his funny racist jokes, his personal affronts
My vote’s for him, he bites, his jaws are grim
His swollen jaws are grim (x2)

I hate those intellectuals that always disagree
And journalists that ridicule his words relentlessly
I love the man who’ll bomb the shit out of every enemy
And take their oil and let their asses broil
Let their asses broil (x2 + Chorus)

I love my gun and that’s a major thrill
A mighty free feeling to be capable to kill
Of course I’m responsible, a patriot as well
I’ll stand my ground when I hear the slightest sound
When I hear the slightest sound (x2 + Chorus)

This man has awesome business skills, for he’s a billionaire!
He’ll soon create a million jobs and then I’ll get my share
Our sons are going to war again and win at any price
That’s what I adore and pay my taxes for
Pay my taxes for (x2 + Chorus)

A female from Alaska gave me her ABC
Anything But Clinton now that was clear to me
My leader loves uneducated people, like myself
His golden rule’s to cherish all the fools
I’m not a fool, but he loves me

I feel no need to travel, I love my USA
I’m proud of my viking roots and my color is okay
My leader knows the Bible, all Christians he’ll unite
A president for seventy percent
For seventy percent (x2 + Chorus)

He’ll make us strong again, and white again (x2)
And Christian



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