England’s Heroes

The Daily Telegraph columnist Charles Moore recently compared the Easter Rising of 1916, that eventually led to the Free State in 1922 with Islamic State of today and put question marks at the centennial celebrations in Ireland of this year.

Although I, like many Irish, see that as a rude insult, he may well be right to a certain extent, but not the way he puts it: “the Irish in fact celebrate the start of a religion-ridden Free State”. I don’t believe Islamic State will ever appear to be the start of a new religion-ridden country that by 2116 has become a respectful and tolerant modern Islamic State. For what I know now, terrorism isn’t going to stop. Suppression in the Middle East, based on the oil business and covered up by a fancy fear for Islamic evangelism, will go on for decades, I’m afraid.

From the English viewpoint Charles Moore’s insults appear to me as a deeply rooted lack of national pride, which is a problem for parties like UKIP. With a history of invasions, slaughter, plundering and deportations all over the world, England has no freedom fighters to be proud of. Winston Churchill has many streets named after him here in Holland, because we see him here as the man who kicked the Nazi’s out. That lack of heroes may cause a jealous look at Irish nationalism. Churchill didn’t risk his life to free England from its suppressors.

Unfortunately for the English they don’t have a Hitler to blame, because most English still love their Royal Family and their mighty PR institutes that never cease to make people feel proud of the enormous achievements that lead to the British Empire and the two world war victories. As time rolls on, more viewpoints become known and historians teach the facts a more and more balanced way and that’s causing a growing lack of national pride.

Well England, I’d say: get over Great Britain, and let’s feel good inside the modern European family. England, you are special and we love you, don’t worry. I was in favour of Scottish independence, mainly because it would underline the end of Great Britain. Anything that brings down the reality soap of the United Kingdom or the other kingdoms still around would be welcome. Kings, queens, princes and princesses belong to history books, songs and fairy tales, don’t they?

Here’s my teaser song, subtitled “1916 Sorry Song”, for those who still refuse to see that a terrorist can be a poor man’s freedom fighter.

(just a very quick home recording, hope you like it)


O let me sing … of England’s heroes
This is a song … of English pride
They boldly served the Royal Family
Recruited my uncles for them to fight
They fought for freedom of our British Islands
They kicked the Turks off our rocky shore
And chased the Germans through the streets of London
That’s how they won and triumphed the Great War

They were invited to build Gibraltar
Hong Kong, Australia and Israel
I feel the pride of England’s heroes
Indispensable guides to Europe as well

They cleared our island from wild colonials
Who came to steel our cup of tea
And those black invaders they took our language
Now our English tongue is no longer unique
Our heroes died for civilization
Withstood the attacks from Africa
Still they accepted the invitation
To start a business in America


O let me say sorry to England’s heroes
For 1916, for my granny’s role
When she refused to be obedient
And hoisted the green harp at Liberty Hall
So sorry for Pearse and his Proclamation
That Free State ridden by fanatical priests
And it still happens, just read the papers
An Islamic State in the Middle East

Photo: A Gaelic League poster promoting the idea of a proud independent Éire as opposed to a craven dependent ‘West Britain’ – Wikimedia Commons


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