Warming Up For Donegal

This is a little animation test. Exploring Ireland through Google Street View is already quite common, but time consuming. Better minimize your time behind the computer and spend more time for the real experience. So here’s what I found out: a quick view of a route I’m considering to go when I’m there.

It’s the road from The Song House in Falcarragh, Donegal, to the ferry to Tory Island. Can’t wait to go there!

Song House to Ferry clipped 10ms

Click here for the Google Maps link  to the 9.5 km long route.

Click here for Brian Folts’ page that I used to generate the gif animation.

To be honest, I prefer normal mp4 video’s, because you can’t pause or play back gif animations like the one above. Besides this gif animation didn’t run on Facebook. Probably it was too big. Below is the mp4 I made using a simple free screen recording technique. I did some editing in Windows’ standard Movie Maker and posted it on good old Youtube.


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