Therapeutic Songwriting, really? Yep!

As a 50 plus singer, songwriter and musician, I’m taking my first steps into the world of professional music therapy. I’m a Civil Engineer, always in love with bridges, selling software for engineers and designers of all disciplines, which is a great way to earn myself and my family a living, but I need a richer and more meaningful use of my spare time. I’ve been attending two other events on Music Therapy in Holland in October 2016 and a third one is scheduled for December. I’m already active as a songwriter, as you can see on this website, focusing on tribute songs to beautiful people, dead or alive, and places.

The process of making songs, the interviews, the research of the subject and places, the search for the right melody and words, the reviewing of the lyrics, seem to have a very positive, possibly therapeutic, effect on the people involved, including myself.

So, if you know someone who’d like to put me at work to write a tribute song, please let me know. If it would appear not to be a perfect job for my Irish-like traditional ballad and pub song style, I won’t hesitate to put you through to one of my colleague songwriters. I have an extensive network of songwriters with various styles, some of them qualified music therapists (unlike myself, while working on it).

If you like, have a look at my Facebook PR page Give Us A Song



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