The House Of Doorn

Song, made in 2015 by Simon Oak, about the bizarre fact that the German Emperor Wilhelm II, who many believe is the big WW1 inciter, just got away with it and was offered refuge by the Dutch queen Wilhelmina in the House of Doorn.



In the House of Doorn 
In the House of Doorn 
There’s a cat and a dog and a Leprechaun
And a little red devil with golden horns
That’s in the House of Doorn

On the battlefields of Belgium
There was an emperor on the run
With a devil on his shoulder, having fun
On his way to the House of Doorn

They’d had a lovely time of bloody fighting
Horror scenes all day and night
Young men staggering filled with fright
Hell-dressed in their uniforms


This little bit of hell was the devil’s pride
He lived with the emperor side by side
But the Great War’s over so they had to hide
They took the train to the House of Doorn

On the train to the land of the Orange Queen
No one noticed the cobbler dressed in green
With a pack on his back and a little cruiskeen
On his way to the House of Doorn


While the emperor privily settled down
The cobbler sneakily snatched his crown
And heaps of his hoard to hustle in town
Daily mayhem in the House of Doorn

In garden the cobbler never ceased
To tease the Kaiser from behind the trees
The emperor raged and to find some peace
He chopped the trees round the House of Doorn


After one last yell when Paris fell
The emperor died and he burns in hell
But the little red devil is doomed to dwell
In the realms of the House of Doorn

Till today our little bold Leprechaun
Is the perpetual pest of the House of Doorn
When the devil takes a rest he’ll hammer his horns
Sweet revenge in the House of Doorn



Drawing Leprechaun by Jean-noël Lafargue.

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Photo of Wilhelm II d.d. 1933 by Oscar Tellgmann




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