Please join the Stop Brexit movement

Click on the link below for a list of all British Members of Parliament, enriched with an assessment on how much they’ve done to support Brexit or to fight it. The assessments have been made by some Leave campaign group called Get Britain Out, so please don’t take those for facts, but it looks pretty good.

All I did is transform the PDF into a spreadsheet that can be sorted on Brexit stance. I added a rating number from 0 to 5, for easier selecting. Number 5 is the most pro-Brexit (our enemies), 0 is the most anti-Brexit (our heroes). I also added the hyperlink to their Wikipedia pages, where you can click through to their constituencies for the latest election results. I’d suggest we work on the MPs with rating number 3 and 4 with polite arguments, facts and positive energy. MPs with rating 5 are lost already and can best be ignored, fought or silenced. Don’t waste too much time on them. On the other hand, don’t go blindly. For example Dominic Grieve recently held a brilliant speech to stop Brexit, so I’d rate him 3 or even lower, while he has a 5 in this list.

Note d.d. 27 May: I’ve updated the spreadsheet with the percentage of Leave voters per constituency and the constituency ID. I found those numbers on

Download the spreadsheet: Stop Brexit v3a.xlsx

Please give your feedback via Twitter in this thread or use hashtag #ScornTheResult