Not About Politics

In August 2016 I wrote this song in response to recent victories in politics (the Brexit referendum and the US Presidential elections) based on the use of proven false figures, xenophobia, racism, misogyny and Muslim hate, things that shouldn’t be in politics. I first sang it in Spanish Point at the last Clare Traditional Singing Festival.


1. This is a song, not about politics
This is a song about right and wrong
Allow me to sing about people in politics
Practicing rotten tricks, don’t get’m wrong

2. The choices we make can often be difficult
Choices we make can even be wrong
No need to regret, that makes it quite typical
That’s how democracy waddles along

3. But I notice people that run around twittering
Quacking and jabbering every day
Hearing their hollow cry gives me the shiver
Their insults deliver a chilling dismay

4. They talk about “them” and whisper conspiracies
Fabulous theories fueling fear
Talking, but hiding their ethical poverty
Pitching controversies just for the cheer

5. Now people like you and me, thinking of politics
Isn’t that something where reason should rule?
Debating, not lying, no hating, no rowdy mix
Tis the wrong place to be nasty and cool

6. Losers may like it to fuck establishment
All sorts of reasons, no nothing is good
They don’t know what crisis is, choosing a president
Seems to me totally misunderstood

7. Look at this leader we know he’s a hater
A wee bit of history tells us enough
Sooner or later he’ll be a dictator
If no one can temper him times will be tough

8. Nigel loves Donald and Donny loves Vladimir
Great loving leaders and they’re not alone
They love grabbing pussies and Islamic souvenirs
Hard working immigrants better go home

9. Lying, apparently, is a great winning tool
Freedom of worship is now subhumane
Wise men are boring, we’re voting for fickle fools
Great entertainment, the truth is too plain

10. Something goes wrong in our society
Something goes wrong between our ears
Shouldn’t we have some disqualifiers
To ban proven liars? I’m nearly in tears

11. What has become of our vision to wisdom
When half of the country don’t care for the truth?
Let’s pray Mister Loud Mouth will work out as president
And let me conclude with a health to the youth!



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