Alexander Nix

Protest song by Simon Oak about Cambridge Analytica’s shameless rigging of elections, like the US Presidential elections and the UK’s EU Referendum in 2016.

It’s a true story. I mainly used Channel 4’s hidden camera video, where Nix and his colleague Mark Turnbull, tell a ‘Sri Lankan politician’ how they work. They don’t know they’re actually talking to a journalist.

For the report and video click here.

Here’s another good read.

Quick home recording:


1. O me name it is Alexander Nix
I’m the master of all the dirty tricks
I have crawlers and bots at my command
And I take politicians by the hand

2. I collect every tweet by every twat
Every post, every like and every chat
Every smile, every tear and angry face
No one knows, cause I never leave a trace

3. I am second to none in my trade
And I won’t tell anyone how much you paid
I sell deep rooted hopes and hidden fears
And I know the words to move your friends to tears

4. I connect all the dots and analyze
To deliver you the most effective lies
We sow the seed, watch it grow and you relax
For you won’t win elections with the facts

5. And if you think your opponents are too strong
I can try what is right to make look wrong
We can spy every detail of their past
A little lie by surprise will travel fast

6. If you still fear you’re losing your campaign
We have sexy seducers from the Ukraine
We’ll record every little move they make
And for sure your opponents they will break

7. Our scriptwriters fabricate a truth
So subtle and designed to change your mood
Our video editors create
Stuff so real you’d not believe it was handmade

8. An Etonian, I know to find my way
Be it Boris Johnson or Theresa May
“Crooked Hillery” was mine for Donald Trump
And Steve Bannon is my brilliant suck-a-thumb*

9. We don’t mind who you are, we’ll make you win
Don’t see Mass Mood Manipulation as a sin
We just follow the money where it flows
May the fittest survive that’s how it goes.

10. O me name it is Alexander Nix
I’m the master of all the dirty tricks!


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