The Driver Of The Bus

Uptempo song about a bus driver who doesn’t care where she drives the bus as long as she can hold the wheel. She respects ‘the will of the passengers’ and watches how a couple of them they fight. She’d steer the bus right off the cliffs if they’d tell her. Every passenger symbolizes 1 million British citizens and the rest you can guess.


I’m the driver of the bus
And I love to go crisscross
66 of you on board
That was all I could afford
46 can have a say
To prevent I lose my way
I don’t care, tell me where to steer astray

Chorus after every verse:
I’m the bus driver, bus driver, driver of the bus
I can steer far and near and anywhere
Trust the bus driver, the driver, trust the driver of the bus
Buts and ifs, off the cliffs? I just don’t care!

Don’t you love the boring road
Where I drive my precious load?
I hear 17 quite loud
That I’d better take you out
On a more exciting track
But 16 hold me back
I don’t care, I will fairly round the snag

Now just let me park the bus
For to have a little fuss
Let those 17 decide
One of them must be our guide
I’ll just watch their bloody fight
And will cheer to steer far right
I don’t care, anywhere, this is my plight

Well I know a bus should drive
But to keep myself alive
I prefer to hold the wheel
Cause that’s everything I feel
And I shall pretend to go
Where the tailwinds gently blow
Be it vile or with style you’ll never know

Chorus + repeat and fade:
Trust the bus driver, the driver, trust the driver of the bus

Photograph: Toby Melville/Reuters



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