Bye Bye Winston

Klezmer style song by Simon Oak about the ongoing injustice being done to the Palestinians by Israel and the international community, largely initiated by the famous Winston Churchill, whose mistakes have cost so many lives and whose plans still have their aftermath around the world and to whom people still rise statues.



I am an old Israeli
Survivor of the war
I introduced democracy
On the Palestinian shore
The Nazis killed my family
My heart is filled with woe
My hero’s Winston Churchill
He’s the man who ran the show

We build a land called Israel
For the jews that had to roam
The Palestine we asked so kind
To give away their homes
But they wanted to negotiate
And we found no peaceful way
So we fought and made the Jewish State
On the 14th day of May

Chorus after every verse below:
Bye bye Winston we’ll convince them
With a bit of money and a little army
Thank you Britain we will hit them
If they won’t accept our plan
Do you have a Jewish problem
Send them here and we will drop them
Round Jerusalem

And for the Palestinians
That kindly leave their homes
We’ll build some nice new cabins
With a garden of their own
And if they need some water
We’ll ask them a fair price
So we can stay in charge and rich
Call that our Jewish vice

Big fun United Nations
We laugh at what they say
We buy our high technology
From far Americay
Some Palestinians hate us
No real big deal at all
Around our holy stolen land
We build a little wall.



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