November Clouds

This month, November 2015, I made three time lapse video’s of the morphing clouds lit by the setting November sun and I gave them the titles ‘November Clouds part 1’ to 3. Because I’m also experimenting with MuseScore, I’m creating more and more tunes and selected some of those…

Follow The Cow

This new tune got it’s name from an old joke my father made, when we got lost in France and he pretended to understand a cow that mooed when he asked it the way.

Afraid Of What?

Another new tune made with MuseScore, named “Afraid Of What?” because a man told me that he’s afraid that the refugees from Syria are coming to kill his children.

Daithi’s Granny

While I was in the process of writing down the notes of this little tune, I had a very pleasant break with the famous Irishman Daithi Rua who sang his granny’s traditional song for me on request of my good friend and great guitar player Bart van Beveren….

No Need To Move Any Mountain

Composed and documented another little tune today and called it “No Need To Move Any Mountain”, as a reference to Matthew’s biblical text. I believe strong faith can make people too convinced of their views and lead to massive conflicts between different religions as we’ve seen too often in history…

Yola Love

A new tune for piano arose in my head this week and I dedicated it to the people of Yola, a big city in North East Nigeria, because Yola was in the news with two suicide bomb attacks. Those people deserve our support and protection against terror as well as…

Dreaming Of Special Treatment

Did a little MuseScoring again tonight and called it “Dreaming Of Special Treatment” because of the story I just read about the hassle many people have to get their fragile goods safely at the other end when they fly over.  

The Crazy Thing Of Thailand

Here’s a new little tune, documented and exported to mp3 using MuseScore. Great free software and the far more intuitive successor of my good old Melody Assistant. At first my idea for the title was “The Crazy King Of Thailand”, but I decided not to risk an imprisonment of…