Intermezzo in the making for new song Carnival Mirrors

Here’s the first soundbite of my new song Carnival Mirrors in memory of the horrific killings in Paris at Charlie Hebdo’s. I made it last night while practicing the song and this morning, when I woke up, there was a short panic when I couldn’t recall it….

Gaza We Won’t Forget You

Here’s my second home recorded song about Gaza. This time it’s a lament to commemorate the thousands of innocent people dead, wounded or homeless because of the insane bombings on Gaza during the summer of 2014. I wrote it during Christmas, when we were looking…

Help! What’s the name of this Jewish melody?

For my song to remember the thousands that were innocently killed in the insane Gaza bombings this summer, I’m looking for the name of this Jewish melody. It fits perfectly as an intermezzo in the sad melody I’m about to record. Anyone?

Moriarity’s Christmas

Coming up to the Christmas 2014 Session, Sunday the 21st at the Sailors Club House in Katwijk aan Zee, I’m practicing my new song, which is a next guitar challenge to me. Here’s where I am now, at the intro. I hope you like it. It’s…