Thank you for exploring Simon Oak’s Independent Artist Pages.

This website aims to contain an overview of my creative work. It’s about what moves me and about my movements. It can be just a written down thought, a short poem, a protest song, a travel report or an extensive project that leads to a professional video of a tribute song.

This artist page is called “independent” because it’s not leaning on any big brand, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Those companies can block (or have to block) users or things they don’t like. As far as I know, this page is safely hosted by a Dutch provider and using public domain software.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring these pages.

You might get lost when you start browsing my work, so let me save you some browsing time and just give you a list of my personal favourites:

Professional music video: The Ballad Of Nelson Mandela

Home recorded songs with guitar: Carnival Mirrors

Computer generated tune: Christian’s Bouncing Ball

Traditional song: Cashen’s Fisherman



Header and background photo by Victor Lacken at Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Amsterdam.


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